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Ibrahim Kaypakkaya on the Kurdish National Question (1972) →

The following text is excerpted from a lengthy polemic by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya entitled The National Question in Turkey. This work was originally completed in December 1971, before Ibrahim Kaypakkaya led the genuine Marxist-Leninists in splitting with the Shafak revisionists, who were also billing themselves then as the Revolutionary Workers and Peasants Party of Turkey (TIIKP), and founded the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) in April 1972. The National Question in Turkey was re-edited by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in June 1972, soon after the organisational split with the TIIKP revisionists.

The excerpts printed here are translated from a collection entitled Selected Writings, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, which was published by Ocak Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1979. AWTW 

Click here to support Send CUNY SJP's to NSJP conference by CUNY ForPalestine →


Dear supporters and allies, On the weekend of October 24, students from across the United States will gather at Tufts University in Boston for the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) conference. The conferences goal this year is to find ways to connect struggles and build solidarity to confront injustice. With a year filled with conflict, from the recent assault on Gaza to police brutality in Ferguson, it is of the utmost importance that the students of today be given a space to discuss how they can make for an injustice-free tomorrow.

The NSJP conference is an extraordinary opportunity for students and for justice everywhere. Please consider making a donation to help students from the City University of New York (CUNY) fund their trips to Boston and pay for the conference. The paths to freedom, liberation, and equality do not come easy, but conferences like NSJP are a crucial part in connecting people with each other and with groups looking for a change.

Please donate so that students from different CUNY campuses can have the opportunity to attend this extraordinary conference so they can utilize and bring back the skills they learn to their campuses.

In Solidarity, CUNY for Palestine and Students for Justice in Palestine from several CUNY campuses.

Fucking disgusting Narco-Fascists and their political connects need to be wiped out. 
This is a dead student organizer who was found with his eyes gouged out and face skinned days after dozens of students went missing after they fled an ambush by municipal police while driving in hijacked city buses from the city of Chipalcingo back to a historically radical leftist teachers college located in a rural area after a protest/convention. It is suspected and filmed that many of the 43 missing students were actually arrested by municipal police who federal level agencies accuse of working for a drug cartel.

"Students have been targeted and openly massacred by police working in cahoots with cartels. All of this for the same purpose of silencing the growing organization of political movements by students who have formed Maoist militant student unions." - Josefina La China

“Everybody is in Guerrero—narcos, narco guerrillas, real guerrillas, and corrupt political bosses,” - Alberto Islas, Mexico City based security analyst.


¡2 de Octubre, No Se Olvida!
Marchers at the Zócalo on Wednesday hold a minute a silence for the fallen of the ’68 Tlatelolco Massacre.
46 years later, Mexicans haven’t forgotten the murdered and disappeared students of ‪Tlatelolco‬ - nor forgiven those responsible.
Read more about the ’68 Tlatelolco Massacre
Image via La Jornada


¡2 de Octubre, No Se Olvida!

Marchers at the Zócalo on Wednesday hold a minute a silence for the fallen of the ’68 Tlatelolco Massacre.

46 years later, Mexicans haven’t forgotten the murdered and disappeared students of ‪Tlatelolco‬ - nor forgiven those responsible.

Read more about the ’68 Tlatelolco Massacre

Image via La Jornada


NYPD Slam 5 Months Pregnant Sandra Amezquita to Pavement

An NYPD officer was filmed violently throwing a pregnant woman to ground early Saturday morning. Sandra Amezquita, who is five months pregnant, reportedly suffered vaginal bleeding after the incident, and her arms and stomach remain bruised.

The incident took place in Sunset Park, Brooklyn at about 2:15 am Saturday. Amezquita and her husband, Ronel Lemos, claim they approached the scene and attempted to intervene as police arrested their 17-year-old son, Jhohan, for possession of a knife.

The video, filmed by a witness, shows an NYPD officer slamming Amezquita to ground and handcuffing her before forcefully shoving another woman, identified by the New York Post as Amezquita’s friend, to the street.

Amezquita was given a summons for disorderly conduct and Lemos was arrested for assaulting a police officer, reportedly after striking the officer who was arresting his son.

"The first thing I thought was they killed my baby, and they’re going to kill my wife," Lemo told the New York Daily News on Tuesday.

"You would think the police would respect a woman that is pregnant," Amezquita added. "I was afraid something happened to my baby. I am still afraid that something is wrong."

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs unit is reportedly investigating the incident, which took place just one week after an officer from the same precinct—the 72nd—was filmed kicking a street vendor. That officer was suspended and remains under investigation by Internal Affairs.

NYPD are fucking disgusting pieces of shit.

The only good cop is a dead one.

The World’s Longest Communist Revolution →

"1. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) was reestablished on December 26, 1968 in Alaminos, Pangasinan. Its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), was formed on March 29, 1969 in Capas, Tarlac. The revolutionary alliance, National Democratic Front (NDF), was founded on April 24, 1973. The CPP-NPA-NDF view armed revolution as the effective and ultimate solution to replace the existing system which they believe is already beyond redemption.…

2. The Maoist military strategy of encircling the cities from the countryside was adopted by the CPP which was unprecedented because no archipelagic nation has ever done this. The NPA preserved its strength and thrived even under the harsh conditions during Martial Law. It waged a nationwide guerrilla war without the geographical advantage of Vietnam whose neighboring states were either communist or anti-American.

3. In the 1980s, most of the communist parties in Southeast Asia have been already defeated or disbanded but the CPP achieved remarkable military strength and political influence during this period. The Armed Forces of the Philippines has even claimed that the NPA reached its peak in 1986 when the number of its fighters was estimated to be about 25,000 across the country. The NPA has denied that it reached this size although a few years ago it made a declaration that it already surpassed its armed strength in the 1980s in terms of number of fighters with high powered rifles.

4. The reestablishment of the CPP was a legacy of the rectification movement initiated by young activists who summed up the bitter experience of the old Communist Party (Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, 1930) which suffered significant political losses in the 1950s. Three decades later, the CPP would launch another rectification campaign to reaffirm its founding principles.

When the Soviet bloc disintegrated, the CPP was among the few communist parties in the world which continued to defend Marxism. It argued that revisionism, not socialism, was discredited when Soviet Russia collapsed in the 1990s.

The CPP became the first Philippine political party to admit that it committed serious political errors in the 1980s. According to the CPP, these grave mistakes led to the substantial reduction of its mass base and mass support most especially in the provinces. It also apologized for the excesses and human rights violations perpetrated by some NPA units.

The rectification campaign lasted throughout the 1990s which the CPP credited for the resurgence of the local mass movement. The Philippine government will be the first to dispute this but what is certain is that the CPP has remained a major political force in the country; and after 45 years, it continues to lead the world’s longest Maoist revolution… .

6. The revolutionary political program of the CPP is its major advantage over the dull, elitist and anti-people agenda of mainstream trapo parties. Land reform continues to be its centerpiece program in the countryside, thus the continuing support of poor farmers for the armed revolution. Then and now, its commitment to end inequality and oppression has attracted the support of many sectors and intellectuals.Women’s rights, gender equality, IP empowerment, environment protection, workers rights, socialized housing, free education, free healthcare – and many other advocacies we hear today have been articulated already by the cadres of the CPP-NPA-NDF in the late 1960s and early 1970s.”

Governments are not peoples. Even the Vietnamese, after massive bombings and invasion by half a million U.S troops, still make a difference between the U.S government (or literally, Giac My, “U.S imperialists”) and the U.S people. That distinction must be maintained by all revolutionaries, even if the zionist state itself, by its essence, has deliberately confused - and fused - Zionism with the Jewish people. Thus, it is non revolutionary, in fact counter-revolutionary, to talk of “driving the Jews (or any people) into the sea.”
The governments of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Arab Gulf are feudal-fascist governments who are just as close to imperialism as is Israel. The Lebansese regime is run by a commercial and banking bourgeoise in partnership with and dependent upon imperialism. The governments of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq are petty bourgeois- a class that, because it came to power without revolutionary strugge (via coups d’ètat), has no revolutionary consciousness (but lots of revolutionary sounding rhetoric). In all those countries, the masses are agitated. They want or need a socialist revolution. To curtail their internal activities, these arab regimes talk of “liberating” Palestine. Most don’t really want to. And if some of the Ba’athist leaders in Syria or Iraq do, it is not in order to establish a new social structure for all of the Middle East, but as a way of generating a nationalist unity of the Arab countries. All these regimes, then are either reactionary or opportunist, or both. All must be overthrown by people’s revolution

— John “Tito” Gerassi (Coming of the New International)

ISIS is a reactionary movement that is competing with the United States for hegemony over the Middle East but remember fellow black and brown folks living inside the United States. You are still 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than be a victim of any terrorist attack.
Communists are not Tolstoyists or the disciples of Gandhi preaching “non-violence.” Nor do they spread the idea of “violence for violences sake.” They are not “bellicose” and “bloodthirsty” as the reactionaries always slander them. They simply set forth a fact that violence is a social phenomenon, a result of the exploitation of man by man, a means used by the ruling, exploiting classes to maintain and extend their domination. Communists hold that the working class and other people - victims of exploitation and domination - must resort to revolutionary violence to crush counterrevolutionary violence, so that they can win their own emancipation and society can advance according to the law of historical development

— Hoc Tap "Peace or Violence"

Two Brooklyn women tired of 'white people moving into the area' force tenants out at gunpoint, then squat in apartment: police →

Operation Take Back the Hood’. 

No love for Gentrifying crackers…

Fighting Militarization in CUNY: The One Year Anniversary of the CUNY6 | Facebook →

Join us for a panel on September 17th, one year after the arrests of 6 students (5 of whom are members of RSCC) who were brutally assaulted by NYPD and Public Safety, and arrested while protesting David Petraeus teaching in CUNY. We will discuss militarization in CUNY, how the student struggle must be an anti-imperialist struggle and what we are doing to liberate CUNY and make it into a base area for revolutionary. 

Panel will be held at the CUNY Graduate Center.

People of color in the internal colonies of the US cannot defend themselves against police brutality or expropriate the means of survival to free themselves from economic servitude. They must wait for enough people of color who have attained more economic privilege (the “house slaves” of Malcolm X’s analysis) and conscientious white people to gather together and hold hands and sing songs. Then, they believe, change will surely come. People in Latin America must suffer patiently, like true martyrs, while white activists in the US “bear witness” and write to Congress. People in Iraq must not fight back. Only if they remain civilians will their deaths be counted and mourned by white peace activists who will, one of these days, muster a protest large enough to stop the war. Indigenous people need to wait just a little longer (say, another 500 years) under the shadow of genocide, slowly dying off on marginal lands, until-well, they’re not a priority right now, so perhaps they need to organize a demonstration or two to win the attention and sympathy of the powerful. Or maybe they could go on strike, engage in Gandhian noncooperation? But wait-a majority of them are already unemployed, noncooperating, fully excluded from the functioning of the system. - How Non-Violence Protects the State

— Non Violence Protects the State - Peter Gelderloos

Yes, US Patriotism is Reactionary →

"US imperialism holds nations captive within its borders as internal colonies (The Afro-American nation, the Chicano nation and the First Nations), as well as there are oppressed communities of national minorities who are here because of imperialism. The recent rebellion in Ferguson testifies to this fact, as the repressive apparatuses of the white supremacist state turned the city into a war zone; Black communities are occupied by the armed agents of the white supremacist, bourgeois state. Just because a Black man occupies the highest position of the imperial polity does not change these historical facts, for in fact Obama is the black representative of white finance capital.

Oppressed nationalities have nothing to celebrate on the 4th of July. Revolution in the US must be a war led by oppressed people to undo the America that Joe Sims is so fond of. The dictatorship of the white supremacist bourgeoisie can only be broken by the offensive of a proletarian movement placing the liberation of oppressed nationalities at the forefront of revolution. More power to all revolutionary youth challenging revisionist and white chauvinist politics!”

Response to Joe Sims’ Open Letter, “Patriotism, the national question and the Leninist tradition →

Revolutionary Communists of the Southern California Young Communist League respond to the -white-chauvinist piece by the CPUSA leadership, which uphold the 4th of July and the American revolution and downplays racism in Amerika. 

In a time when Blacks are being killed and mass-incarcerated along wit Latinos, and Latino children are being put into camps, while the casualties on the border are war level numbers to downplay national oppression and the legacy of white-settler-colonialism is national socialism in disguise as communism.

We support the Southern California YCL in standing up to the White-chauvinist peice by the CPUSA leadership which objectively upholds white-settler-colonialism and the national oppression of millions inside (and outside) US borders. 


"Unfortunately, history and the nature of white supremacy, show us that an oppressed people integrated, assimilated, will still be oppressed. The guardians of capital and the white supremacist structures and institutions of the U.S. will allow people of color representation, namely the election of Obama and other affluent people of color into positions of power. This does not mean that representation, or a majority alone, will automatically lead to a homogeneous movement for a consensus of social change.

Each of us, as colonized and oppressed people, have several major battles to overcome - one of which is fighting against internalized colonization. We are so thoroughly colonized that fellow oppressed people actually take part in the perpetual domination, oppression and exploitation, whether in government, law enforcement, the criminal justice system or the military industrial complex. But capitalism, and its pitting of people against each other with limited economic and social mobility opportunities, is the engine that drives this contradiction. Colonization is the fuel.”